The fall of my junior year, I was going through an especially rough patch having to change majors and deal with the recruiting season. After consulting close friends and my dean, I decided to seek help from YMHC. Getting an intake appointment scheduled took about two weeks, which I had expected, but I did not expect to wait the whole semester to be assigned and see a therapist. It took three in-person visits to the receptionist’s desk and many phone calls to finally be assigned around mid-November. Even then, I couldn’t see my assigned therapist because I could not reach him to schedule recurring appointments. During the time I could have been meeting with a professional to help me cope with my stress, I was trying to resolve this administrative issue by myself along with my primary obligations and burdens. I could understand that YMHC handles a high demand for counseling, but I think they should be more receptive to the needs of the students in the queue.

Michael Chang. he/him/his 2021. PM