It took months of mustering up the courage to ask for help my first year at Yale. After over five weeks of waiting to hear back following my intake appointment, I thought YMHC had forgotten about me. When I called to follow up, I was told that I hadn’t been paired with a therapist yet, but if I wanted to I could see the same man who had done my intake. Even though I didn’t feel fully comfortable with him, I agreed, and in the couple of sessions I had with him, his disinterested manner made me feel as though I was wasting his time with my unimportant concerns. I eventually stopped seeking help because of internalized feelings that I was not deserving of effective care, feelings that were exacerbated by being overlooked in the intake process and by a therapist who wasn’t right for me. Every student should feel supported in seeking the care they need. To make this a reality, Yale must ensure that waiting times at Mental Health should be no longer than two weeks.

Ally Soong, she/her, JE ’21