Yale MH&C has proven to me time and time again that change is necessary in order for it to fulfill its mission of serving its community. Personally, after going to the intake appointment and having one follow-up appointment, the psychologist cancelled for multiple different reasons (sickness, lack of staff) seven different times, sometimes going five weeks without reaching out. Additionally, I was surprised by the lack of organization and consideration in regards to the psychologist selection process and the following scheduling experiences. I believe that my experience would have been greatly improved had I had access to reliable and considerate care that might be possible if the office was expanded to adequately serve the Yale community. I feel that the situation that caused me to seek the services of MH&C could have been improved, or even avoided, had I been given access to have a counselor of color, or a counselor who was competent in areas of race and class. I’m aware of many of my peers that have had similar negative experiences. I’m sure that Yale could seek to help repair some of the damage it causes to student’s mental health if it committed to listening to what students are asking them to do now.