The worst part about dealing with financial aid at Yale was that I had spent my entire summer saving up so I wouldn’t have to stress out about working an on-campus job during the school year. It was so stressful to have an on-campus job my first year, so I took extra care to make sure I had enough saved my sophomore year so I wouldn’t have to do that again. But as an international student, I get taxed on my financial aid, which I must pay out of pocket. Because the financial aid office doesn’t take this into consideration, I had to drain my bank account at the last minute to cover the tax. I saw all of my savings disappear overnight. How am I supposed to have savings if this happens every semester? It’s incredibly disheartening and feels like even at Yale, I will remain financially disadvantaged forever. I support the campaign to eliminate the SIC, and I call on Yale to do better for its students.

Teigist Taye, she/her, 2022, Pierson College