Since joining Yale’s campus, I have had time. I have had time to further my passions on campus that I had energetically carried with me from high school as well as the time to explore new avenues of interest. I have been able to juggle working in a science laboratory, being a lead organizer of a dance group, and a myriad of other activities. However, I am not on financial aid, but more importantly, I am not burdened with fulfilling my student income contribution every semester. A few of my friends on financial aid tell me that they must work nineteen-hour weekly work shifts in order to fulfill their requirements. They tell me that they have missed extracurricular meetings, office hours/review sessions, and study time that have directly impacted their academic progress. It is outrageous to think that any student on Yale’s campus would be prevented from fully taking ownership of their college experience with the magnitude of resources at this institution’s disposal. Eliminating the student income contribution would allow students to engage in Yale’s vibrant community on their own terms.

Jason Weinstein, He/Him/His. 2021, Davenport