The Parks Canada Collective Agreement for 2021: What you need to know

Parks Canada is responsible for managing and preserving some of Canada`s most important natural and cultural resources. To carry out this important task, Parks Canada relies on a team of dedicated employees who work in a variety of roles across the country.

These employees are represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), which negotiates on their behalf to secure fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. In December 2020, PSAC and Parks Canada reached a tentative collective agreement for the period covering 2018-2021.

Here are some of the key highlights of the agreement:

Wages: Under the new agreement, Parks Canada employees will receive annual wage increases of 2% in each of the three years covered. This will help to keep pace with inflation and ensure that wages remain competitive with other employers in the public and private sectors.

Benefits: The agreement also includes improvements to employee benefits. Specifically, employees will receive increased funding for their Health and Dental Plan, and the vision care benefit will now cover the cost of laser eye surgery.

Leave: The new agreement also provides for improved leave provisions. Employees will now be able to access a new Personal Leave benefit, which provides for up to 37.5 hours of leave per year that can be used for personal reasons. This is in addition to existing leave provisions such as annual leave, bereavement leave, and parental leave.

Workplace improvements: The agreement also includes a number of improvements to workplace conditions. For example, it provides for better ergonomics in the workplace, and it establishes a Joint Health and Safety Committee to help ensure that the workplace remains safe and healthy for all employees.

Overall, the Parks Canada Collective Agreement for 2021 represents an important step forward for PSAC members who work for Parks Canada. By providing fair wages, benefits, and working conditions, the agreement helps to ensure that employees are able to carry out their important work of preserving Canada`s natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.