The first and only time I went to YMHC, I met with a counselor who had to stop me and ask what the term “POC” meant. The fact that I had to explain my literal identity told me that YHMC was not a space for me. As an Asian American woman, my identity is central to my mental health issues. Even further, my community is central to my mental/physical/spiritual well being. Beyond the very individualistic form of care that therapy is, furthering community care, like investing more in our cultural centers, is another essential aspect to mental wellbeing. Mental health is embedded in all systems of our campus, so Yale needs to do the following: hire POC counselors (or counselors equipped to speak to POC-issues), divest from institutions that promote harm (like the YPD), and invest more in existing communities that are already doing the work to create cultures of care.

Kayley Estoesta, she/her, PC ’21