COVID-19 has put a strain on racial and class lines. Queerness has played a role, has forced people to find homes elsewhere.

Looking at people living on yachts and with multiple houses around the world, having functioning internet etc., I see that there are those for whom online school is an annoyance, whereas for other people, they’re living in physically smaller constraining spaces, maybe don’t have chances to go outside. All these things play a really big role. I really do believe that the socioeconomic distinctions are widely apparent at Yale, but they’re even more extreme outside of Yale, because we don’t have the standard dorm experience or off-campus experience. So, I do think Yale has to address this by, at the very least, eliminating the student income contribution in full. It is a deterrent for low-income students to progress through Yale at the same rate as their wealthy counterparts.

Ale Campillo, they/them, 2021, JE