Yale knows we can’t afford to go here, but they’re still asking me to provide what is essentially free labor, because I can’t keep those profits. Whether it be calling alumni to ask for donations or washing other students’ dishes. It’s hard to watch people do the “fun jobs” or really beneficial experiences rather than doing a job out of necessity. Even without the SIC, I would still have to work. It shows that Yale is a business first and a school second. I obviously have stake in my education since I worked so hard to get here. Without the SIC, I would have my weekends to rest and take care of myself. When you are in classes and working, there’s no time to breathe. It’s either I’m working on a project and thinking about money, or at my job and thinking about my project. Then I try to make time to go to Yale Mental Health, but then I get nothing out of it and then I feel like I shouldn’t be investing in my mental health. Which is the opposite of what it should be. I held off on telling my parents I had a job since they didn’t want me to work so that I could focus on school and myself, and that couldn’t even happen. We have no time to be free, even though this time before the “real world” is supposed to be free. I don’t even have the time to make use of the amazing resources Yale claims they have to offer. Without the SIC, maybe I’d actually have the ability to become the full, well-rounded student Yale claims they want me to be.

Sophia Elizalde, she/her/hers, 2023, Davenport