“My family runs a restaurant and our business has been severely impacted due to the ongoing pandemic. We are currently operating at a limited capacity to help prevent the spread of the virus to our customers and employees. Because of our customers’ increased demand for delivery, we partnered with companies that provided delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash. However, it is difficult to make a profit due to the high fees charged by these companies. This coming semester, I would like to find a job to help my parents pay off some of the expenses that go into running a restaurant – the monthly rent, utility bills, repairs, etc. By eliminating the SIC, I can focus on helping out my family financially and not have to worry about any additional fees that I need to pay for my education. Having this extra burden eliminated would allow me to better focus on my school work and have more time to enjoy my senior year by not having to work as many hours.”

Zi Lin, he/him/his, 2021, TD