It took a total of 7 months of self-advocacy to be able to see a therapist at Yale. I started in August, and wasn’t seen until February. It took me going to Yale Health in person to demand care in order to get an appointment, even though I was supposed to have one months ago. After a full academic year of dealing with MH&C, I received a total of 60 minutes of therapy. When I did receive treatment, it was not with someone who could fully understand or relate to my complicated experiences with race and belonging as a half-Asian woman. The COVID-19 crisis is leaving behind Yale’s most vulnerable students in their time of need. Things are hard enough for me and my family, we should not have to worry about covering the SIC amidst a global pandemic. Yale has already eliminated the SIC for students choosing remote learning, but they have the ability to eliminate it for everyone, for good. That’s why I’m calling on Yale to eliminate the SIC, reduce therapy wait times, and meet patient preferences for therapists.

Caitlyn Clark, she/her/hers, 2022, PC