“I’m driving distance from Yale, I live off campus, so I never had to deal with the stress of getting stuff out of my room… In many ways I was in a situation that Yale assumed many of its students would be in, and even then didn’t feel supported by the College in many ways. I’ve been surprised, but not *surprised* by the many stories that people have been sharing…There’s just this general assumption that when we’re all on Yale’s campus that we’re all on the same footing, if you want something you just have to do it…They assume all these opportunities are open to everyone all the time, but that’s obviously not the case. That logic was extended and proved extremely false in these circumstances. It laid bare the ways Yale assumes its students can, deal with things.”

“Students have so many other priorities at the moment. They have other places that their funds need to be directed at the moment…They have families they need to support…Asking for the SIC is just callous and cruel at this point. A lot of jobs students would be working are just not possible anymore, there’s just a lot of added stressors…These disaster circumstances reveal how the University is run as a business and students are just part of this production system..the value of our labor both academic and otherwise is part of this system that is just going into a panic mode.”

Caroline Magavern, she/her, 2021, Berkeley