“First year pushed me to my mental and physical limits even as someone who didn’t have to work a job. The college transition is tough enough just taking classes, but with extra pressure created by the coronavirus and ongoing police violence, I know it must be even worse. I believe that the SIC is unfair because it enhances educational disparities which already exist. During the coronavirus crisis I’ve been feeling especially anxious, but due to the limitations and red tape placed around scheduling appointments with Mental Health and Counseling, I haven’t felt that I have access to possible sources of mental health care. It’s also pretty obvious that anyone who doesn’t have significant internet connection, lots of space, and/or has other responsibilities is going to have a hard time. We’re in a time where people are literally and figuratively socially isolated, which takes people away from a lot of the networks that support their mental health. As we’ve seen with COVID-19 and the way it’s deepened social inequity at Yale and elsewhere according to the resources they have, it doesn’t make sense to have people that are the most vulnerable to pay more and more in increasing economically insecure times.”