Lower therapy wait times are imperative because mental health affects every aspect of a person’s life. Bad mental health could negatively affect one’s mood and self-confidence, one’s friendships and relationships, one’s academic performance, one’s eating and exercising habits, and even one’s ability to get out of bed in the morning. The longer therapy is postponed, the worse the situation can become and the harder it may be to heal from it. Just like one wouldn’t make an appointment for an X-ray prior to breaking a bone, reaching out to MHC is not something one does in advance when one think’s they might need it in six months. It’s something one does when they are in need of immediate support from a professional. Simply put, to delay that support for months on end is an act of negligence just shy of malpractice.

Trindad Kechkian, she/her, 2021, Pierson