As a student who doesn’t have to worry about the Student Income Contribution, I have faced few restrictions on how I choose to spend my time. I have been able to decide for myself what clubs to join, how many classes to take, which jobs to pursue, and exactly when I need some extra space to focus on my studies. This freedom has proved indispensable to my academic progress and college experience. Why is it that the students who have already journeyed to Yale along a more difficult road than me should be further burdened with extracurricular obligations and stressors, while I am rewarded for my existing privilege? This does not feel fair. Self-determination can not be an advantage granted to some; it must be a right afforded to all. Otherwise, Yale is only reinforcing lines of privilege on campus. Now more than ever, with the many additional challenges and constraints presented by COVID-19, it is imperative to level the playing field for all students, regardless of economic status.

Jesse Goodman, He/Him/His. 2023, BK