When I got home from Yale in March, I immediately had my access to gender affirming therapy for my transition taken away, and my healthcare was back under the control of my parents who never supported my transition to begin with. When I got home, I lost the typical supportive environment that I was used to. I had one call with my therapist at Yale Mental Health, who told me that she didn’t have the license to do therapy over state lines. I never reached out or heard anything from Yale Mental Health after that. Especially during the school year after March, I wish I had been able to have some degree of the support from Yale Mental Health that I usually had previously. Yale needs to commit to protecting their students’ mental wellbeing and to go beyond their usual efforts in order to support their community in times of extreme crisis. I believe that the health and wellbeing of Yale’s students, faculty, and staff is more important than making sure that the endowment keeps growing.